Maluma is questioned about his participation in the World Cup in Qatar and leaves a live interview

Maluma He played in the minor categories of Atlético Nacional, one of the main teams in his native Colombia, in his teens, but today it became clear that he would never reach the first division, as the pressure would bore him.

Today the interpreter of “Happy the 4” and “Sober” was furious and left an interview when asked about his participation in the Soccer World Cup in Qatar.

A reporter from Israel’s state channel Kan TV asked him about his opinion of a country in which human rights are violated.

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And he reminded them that unlike him, who had agreed to participate in appearances during the World Cup, others such as Dua Lipa and Shakira had declined to participate for that reason.

Maluma teamed up with Nicki Minaj and Lebanese singer Miriam Fares for the official FIFA Fan Festival anthem.

The interpreter said that he did it because he loved football. An approximate transcript of what was said on Noticias RCN’s ‘Good Morning Colombia’ programme.

“Everyone has their own opinion, everyone has their own way of thinking. It is very important for me to be here, I have dreamed of this all my life. To be a part of FIFA’s official anthem for the World Cup is a reality today..I dreamed it and today it is happening to me.’

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But in this case the Israeli journalist insisted on human rights.

It was then that Maluma asked someone off camera if he should respond, whereupon he stood up and backed away angrily.

In a video broadcast on the network, the journalist appeared confused by the reaction, while the South American continued to walk into the studio.

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