Man accused of killing 4 bear cubs faces poaching charge in New Jersey

Man charged after 4 bear cubs found dead in New Jersey state park


A man is facing poaching charges in New Jersey after allegedly shooting and killing four bear cubs at Ringwood State Park this week. CBS New York informed of.

Matthew Ligus, 22, was charged after a hiker allegedly found three bear cubs dead while visiting the park, according to ABC 7. New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Conservation officials reportedly found a fourth cub nearby when they responded to a hiker’s report.

CBS News contacted the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for confirmation and additional comments and awaits response.

As authorities investigated the incidents, they charged Ligus, a Ringwood resident, with hunting with an unlicensed firearm, hunting with illegal weapons and ammunition and hunting during the closed season, CBS New York reported. State wildlife officials have not released information on how the bear died.

The four cubs were killed as New Jersey backtracked on its short-lived bear hunting ban, which took effect last year and prohibited hunting the animal on state property. Although enforcing the ban was a pillar of Gov. Phil Murphy’s campaign during his first run for office in 2018, he signed a vote on the state Fish and Game Council to reinstate the bear hunting permit this year, which He called for a “growing black bear population” in New Jersey.

In an announcement confirming the change, the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife said that officials have “resolved to control the black bear population and reduce the risk of dangerous encounters between bears and humans through regulated hunting and non-lethal management.” to reduce” decided to amend the ban. scale.” A scheduled “hunt,” where people can use guns and bows to kill bears on both public and private property, is expected to take place in December and last several days.

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