Manelik Gonzalez. Hoy | He is hospitalized after a sharp fall in the video

Mexico City ,

Manelik Gonzalezformer member of acapulco beachset alarm for your fans and today’s program of Television, Because after falling, he had to be admitted to the hospital in an emergency. Along with images of what happened, he showed how he fell to the ground. We tell you how famous.

it was during the most recent broadcast of today’s program of Televisa where it was announced that Manelik suffered a significant fall while rehearsing for the reality show The stars dance in today.

Manelic, former contestant of Acapulco Shore | Specific

It was Galilea Montijo who showed the controversial images of this fall. In them, it was seen how the famous rose from above the shoulders of Josh – a provisional duet due to the dynamics of changes – fell to the ground without holding hands. He fell completely on his face.

“We had an accident in a clean which we rehearsed a lot. There was an imbalance. It brings a huge punch in the face,” Josh said.

They also showed how he was taken to an emergency hospital in an ambulance. In what sense, Galilea Montijo told that they were doing an MRI To avoid further loss.

“Right now they’re doing an MRI… I know we know you’re going to be fine, but right now you have to do everything carefully,” he concluded.


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