Manelik Gonzalez suffers equipment fall during dance routine

Manelik Gonzalez suffered a clear fall. Photo: Getty Images

Manelic González, who became famous after participating in the “Acapulco Noise”, suffered a concussion. spectacular fall during rehearsal of her dance routine for the competition she is participating in, for which she was to be entered hospital Immediately.

This is how Manelik Gonzalez fell in a dance routine

through social networks, video of the exact moment in which Famous got it dance to the beat of Song and the following routine, However, in a charged up Thief vueltaThe young man falls and cause for concern witnesses,

drop, which led to Manelik Ko Hospital, it was during one of the last Essay what will happen to you To bet in the competition “The Stars Dance in Today”airs on morning broadcast.

According to ExcitementHuh dance partner, there must have been an imbalance, which apparently caused The Apparent Downfall of Manelik Gonzalezwho, on some occasion, “threw the dogs” at Christian Nodal.

“It was a tragedy, I was very scared, because it was a clean place where her body was completely on my shoulders and an imbalance, something happened, where her legs went over my head and she went straight to dive Went”,


“I am alive”: Manelik reappears on the network

After the rapid fall in the video, manly, who reconciled with Olivia Collins, appeared on social network and, through instagram stories, said he was Greetings!, However, he can be seen with a collar,

“I’m alive, little bird. The nights I feel calm and I don’t have crying fits, I do ’em live from my fc”.

Manlike wrote.

After the accident, the famous got her support faithful followerwho wanted injury By the fall was not serious and that may soon be me 100% cured.

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