Manelyk Gonzalez and 11 daring bikinis with which she raised the temperature on social networks

when people hear its name manly gonzalez A woman with a strong, explosive, combative personality and who knows what she wants from life, will always be top of mind. At 33, he has become a figurehead in the world of entertainment, with social networks being the platforms where he does what he does best. Like many fame-hungry beautiful women, she started her career in the modeling world, but her fortunes changed when she managed to appear on the show.”acapulco cornerfrom MTV.

It should be noted that despite the fact that she had a party, things were not as they appeared on the screen, as she herself admitted that her salary per season was minimal: 200 thousand pesos. He confessed this in an interview given to Entertainment Journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, But since you learn from everything in life, she was able to very well identify the advantages that the program allowed her to uncover. In this case, she said she came out as a different woman, more responsible and hardworking, “It changed me a lot for the better,” she said.

Manelyk Gonzalez started her career as a model and dancer (Photo: IG @manelyk_official)
Manelyk Gonzalez appeared on “Acapulco Shores” (Photo: IG @manelyk_official)

She’s used to saying what she thinks, manly gonzalez He said that good luck never lasts, so it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure the future. He also had the courage to take the actress as an example Lorraine herrera, who continues to make appearances, something that is not “his vogue” by which he decided to become a businessman. So it has a line of girdle and pants for women.

Manelyk Gonzalez assured that he was not paid well in “Acapulco Noise” (Photo: IG @manelyk_official)
Manelyk Gonzalez matured after leaving “Acapulco Noise” (Photo: IG @manelyk_oficial)

Manelik Gonzalez adores figure on social media

Like many famous women, manly gonzalez She is very active on social networks, especially since she became quite popular. influencer, Its acceptance among the public led to a rapid increase in the number of his followers, the same whom he serves by sharing his feelings, fragments of his personal and professional life. Each of his publications has always received the approval of the majority.

Manelyk Gonzalez is a successful entrepreneur (Photo: IG @manelyk_official)
Manelyk Gonzalez is also a recognized influencer (Photo: IG @manelyk_official)

Within her post, the Mexico City native boasts her sculpted figure through traditional bikini Which are used during holidays on the beach. Although she herself has admitted that she has done some surgeries to get the body that has driven her followers crazy, the truth is that she takes care of it with a healthy diet and going to the gym regularly, well From this she knows that she must keep up the work.

Manelyk Gonzalez loves bikinis and wears them on every vacation (Photo: IG @manelyk_official)
Manelyk Gonzalez has over 15 million followers on Instagram (Photo: IG @manelyk_official)

like it like this ruby gonzalez, has inspired his fans to discover various paradisiacal settings through his snapshots, where the pupil also impresses them with designs that leave little to the imagination. As expected, he always receives favorable responses through storms of compliments and likes, as they know how to be grateful to the famous former Acapulco Shore.

Manelyk Gonzalez was related to a Tepito union criminal (Photo: IG @manelyk_official)
Manelyk Gonzalez has had some cosmetic surgeries (Photo: IG @manelyk_official)
Manelyk Gonzalez loves the beach and the good life (Photo: IG @manelyk_official)

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