Manelyk González rocks the net by wearing a micro bikini from the beach

Manelik Gonzalez has made it clear that she is one of the women who walks the most in the web world and she will never feel helpless with the love she has received from her fans. A case in point is the concern she generated last November when she frightened many by leaving the television studio to urgently attend a local clinic with a fall on the Televisa program “Hoy”.

Manelik Gonzalez In one of the rehearsals of the reality show “Las Estrellas Ballon en Hoy” there was a setback, for which she had to be hospitalized with a brain injury, cervical sprain and a picture of tendonitis. A month after the fact she kept her close circle awake that she is in the process of a full recovery and commented on her Instagram account that the rehab has made her a little sad.

Manelik Gonzalez posing. Source: Instagram.

the sadness he talks about Manelik Gonzalez This is related to the fact that his routine has been disrupted, such as his exercise activities, which, he affirms, is “immediately noticeable in my body.” Despite all this her body pays the consequences, what worries her are her legs “that have worked so much to grow a little.”

On his way to turning 34 in a little over a month and waiting to be in the right position, Manelik Gonzalez She continues to show that she is one of the most beautiful women in our country. The social network beauty went berserk in a bathing suit and sunglasses.

Manelik Gonzalez posing. Source: Instagram.

Marelik She chose a two-part Bordeaux swimsuit, which she wore in various poses in seven photos, which earned her more than 200,000 likes on Instagram and comments from all corners of the world, where her figure was praised.

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