Many users are unable to get credit to their accounts due to a Bizam incident

A bug in Bizam yesterday caused many users to not receive payments sent to their accounts. According to the company, the problem lasted for two hours at night and is believed to have been fixed.

“Some customers received On 09/28 (from 22:00 to 00:00) Notification of receipt of the Bizm transfer, but the account has not yet been credited – the company has confirmed to users -. issue resolved Affected cases will be regularized soon,

Bizm service is available in most of the banking institutions. One of them is Spanish bank Caixabank, which responded on Twitter to users complaining about problems receiving payments: “Operations are available yesterday and now from 11:15am. Immediate action is being taken to regularize the effects who caused the incident in service”.

Although the incident has been resolved, consumers continue to report that the payment Your account still hasn’t been accessed,

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