Marco Antonio Solis’ daughter raises temperature in tight top

Marco Antonio Solis is one of the most important Latin singers in Latin America and with his more than 30 years of experience, he continues to captivate his entire audience. Bookie is at his best and he shows it in every tour he always has with his beautiful family. your eldest daughter, Beatriz solis It was he who showed his body on social networks wearing temperature-raising tops.

After a successful tour of Marco Antonio Solisso Through Europe and the United States, the interpreter of ‘If You Don’t Left’ toured Latin America, called the ‘Que Ganas de Verte World Tour 2022’, which began in Peru and went on to tour countries such as Chile, Argentina, Bolivia. countries to visit. Colombia, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Prior to this, they had given a huge concert in Los Angeles with Los Buccees and this meant the group’s return after more than 20 years.

Marco Antonio Solis visited Peru to give a concert. Source Instagram @marcoantoniosolis_official

striking of Marco Antonio Solisso It is that the tour he does is never alone, as at least he is accompanied by his beautiful wife, former model Christy Solis, and their two youngest daughters, Alison and Marla Solis. He is accompanied by Beatriz Solis, the singer’s eldest daughter with Beatriz Adriana and who was in a relationship again after more than ten years, as the bookie, who the artist also says, was an absentee father.

Beatriz Solis with her father, her daughter and bookie’s wife. Source Instagram @betrizasolis

on his Instagram account, Beatrice Solis She has over 140 thousand followers and there she is in charge of showing why she is one of the most beautiful women of all and has inherited not only her beauty but also her father’s talent. In her last post, Marco Antonio Solis’ daughter raised the temperature with a tight top that drove her fans crazy and caught everyone’s eye.

Beatriz Solis raised the temperature from this top. Source Instagram @betrizasolis

Through various publications, Beatrice Solis He has shown that he has been part of the change in his physical appearance, as he had a disease in his cervical spine and which prevented him from leading a good life. That’s why the 33-year-old singer started a healthy diet with a strict exercise routine and flaunts her incredible curves whenever she can.

Beatriz Solis shows off her incredible body. Source Instagram @betrizasolis

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