Marco Antonio Solis’ first wife looks like after 40 years of marriage

Undoubtedly one of the most beloved singers in the entertainment world in Mexico Marco Antonio Solis, better known as “Al Buqi”, Since the musician was also the leader of the legendary band “Los Bucis”, a group that was founded in 1975 and from that moment became a benchmark for romantic music.

Apart from his talent when it comes to singing, it is known that the interpreter “Your Jail”The 90s were his greatest period of success, this was due in large part to the fact that his fame rose to the spotlight and entertainment media due to his marriage to local music singer Beatriz Adriana.

The first wife of “El Buci”

The couple was married from 1983 to 1987, the fruit of that relationship was born Beatrice Solis, Joe, like his famous parents, also sings, who has positioned himself as a star on social networks, where he constantly publishes various intimate moments from his day-to-day and accumulates thousands of likes .

It is in the year 1981 when he started living with his partner. Beatrice AdrianaWith whom he met during the filming of the film “La Coyota”, it was on the set of the film that the actors and singers fell in love and that relationship gave birth to the ex-bookie’s first daughter.

Marco Antonio Solis and Beatriz Adriana were married in 1983, right at the same time “Al Buqi” ended his relationship with maricellaFrom this moment on, a dispute broke out between the two singers who claimed to be Marco Antonio’s first love and denied dating Michoacan at the same time.

Marriage There must have been a great deal of progress between the two Is That they are both identical, and also in 2016 Beatriz Adriana revealed that she made the following request to the singer: “We are going to have a baby if God gives it to us, but you and I have a very important obligation. We’re going to be tempted to see if we don’t get sick, and avoid taking the daily drink we love so much as a sacrifice for at least three months, following these statements, “los bucis”. The singer would have given up alcohol for some time and was unfaithful again not until much later, the proceedings in their divorce, which took place in 1987.

even if 35 years have passed Beatrice Adriana Aside from the interpreter of “If You Didn’t Go,” the truth is that she continues to make headlines like an artist, so below we show you what she looks like at 64 years old.

This is how Beatriz Adriana (at left) currently looks with her daughter Beatriz Solis (at right). Photo: Special


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