Marco Antonio Solis Gives A Lesson On “Talking Badly” About Former Partners

Marco Antonio Solis talks about former couples on Twitter (Photo: Facebook / Marco Antonio Solis)

Marco Antonio Solissobetter known as el bookie, He seems to have extensive experience in love relationships as many of his songs refer to the specific problems of breaking up with a relationship or couple.

And just as he is so expressive in his songs, he is also expressive through his social networks, where he is usually very active. On this occasion, he decided to teach a lesson to the followers who speak badly about their ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends.

,Talking bad about your ex is talking bad about yourself, One has to learn to analyze situations and see what is experienced, learned and enjoyed. Everything in this life can be learned, even if it is a lesson. Let’s look at life from the bright side. Awesome Sunday,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

In the comments, many people can be read agreeing with the singer and he also gave an example of controversy. Christian Nodal You Belinda,

I hope you read this advice @elnodal that he has been insulted by him and by his fans @belindapop And she likes a quiet and marginal lady,” replied one user.

Also, a few days back she posted a similar thought, advising others to stop talking about bad experiences in the past and focus on the present.

,Let’s stop thinking and talking about bad experiences from the past And let’s connect with your new desires and objectives! Our thoughts, that’s all, change the course of our lives. Many more good mornings,” he said.

These comments came to clear doubts about their current relationship, although the interpreter if you hadn’t gone He has shown no signs of having a problem with his wife Christian Salas, Well, a few weeks back he shared a photo with her.

Marco Antonio Solis and his wife Cristian Salas (Photo: FILE)
Marco Antonio Solis and his wife Cristian Salas (Photo: FILE)

el bucic She has been married to Christian Salas since 1993 and has two daughters, marla You Alison, The pair met while they were recording a music video and she was a model, however after getting married she decided to give up her career to become a full-time mother.

When they met, Marco Antonio Solis had already gone through a divorce. Beatrice Adriana In 1987, but a little later, in 1992, the current couple met and since then they have not parted again.

Just a year after they met, the artist asked for the hand of a Cuban woman on a very special and private occasion, in which he sang a musical theme to her before removing the ring and asking her to be his wife.

It should be noted that . author of Where are we going to stop? He is also very active in his account instagramWhere you can see pictures with his wife and daughters, as well as some other travel photos.

A few weeks ago, Marco Antonio shared a sweet memory in which Visiting Machu Picchu in Peru, “There are places that capture you with your energy; being able to see this wonder in Peru in September 2016 is a memory that always brings a smile to my face”, he elaborated.

Currently, the singer is on an international tour, as on Friday night she was offered a concert in game castle of Dominican RepublicWhere he expressed good words for the said site.

,Dominican Republic is a very romantic countryI remember the first time I came here, I was delighted to welcome you, enjoy it as it is for you”, he said.

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