Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne’s trip to Buenos Aires ends with humiliation

Actresses Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne take a break from the camera for a weekend in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The young Hollywood star went out with friends and decided to go to a restaurant in the popular area of ​​La Boca.

All was going well, until they were discovered by an entertainment photographer, who received tip About his ghost ride.

el paparazzi Pedro Alberto Orquera traced the actresses and waited outside the restaurant South Patagonia to take their pictures.

The photographer’s version indicates that they were beaten up while taking pictures of the actresses, as they were leaving the restaurant and trying to board a vehicle.

In a video released by bugle Two themes can be seen while beating the journalist; The attackers were identified as Jack Ris Hopkins and Josie McNamara Callum; It was originally said that they were private security agents, but it was later determined that they were friends of the actresses.

Police arrived after getting information on 911 number and took the alleged attackers into custody.

The men were processed by the justice system and held in custody until bail was granted, but were refused to leave the country to be available to respond to incidents, says information from infobae,

The photographer recorded an exposed fracture in the right elbow, for which he had an operation, reported Country,

citing sources TMZ He says the photographer approached the actresses aggressively, who ‘infiltrated her private space’.

The accident, according to this version, occurred when the Uber driver who was waiting for the actresses panicked and began the march with Kara inside the car and Margot struggling to get into the vehicle; Robbie eventually jumped out of the vehicle to avoid injury, but the photographer still continued to take pictures, prompting the two friends to intervene.

picture of Pedro Alberto Orquera After the attack:

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