Maria Chacon and 10 bikinis with whom the network has soared the temperature

Originally from Ensenada, Baja California, Maria chacon She knew she was a child that her destiny would be to be on stage and become a recognized performer. Although her resume does not feature a wide variety of soap operas, she has never stagnated and has appeared in various productions for the San ngel television station, which is why she is called “Cabo“edges” Reslie’s Barbara bigger and bigger Rebecca Jones why Raphael InclanNo less important among others.

For this reason, the 31-year-old is very active on her social networks to highlight how much she does in her professional life, as well as part of her personal life, because at the end of the day she is a public figure. of interest to many who followed her from her age and origins in 2000, when she appeared in commercials and then jumped to the first edition Code FAMA, reality show To find talent in children.

Maria Chacon began her artistic career in TV commercials (Photo: IG @oficialmariachacon)
Maria Chacon is part of the “Cabo” project (Photo: IG @oficialmariachacon)

Without a doubt, his participation in the telenovela “Alegridge and Rebujos” under the character of Sofia Dominguez ,ChiefThis helped her a lot to highlight her skills and attract the audience, as she presented herself as a charismatic, friendly, honest and affectionate girl. She also got the opportunity to participate in it. 2004 Athens Olympics To present sections specifically aimed at a children’s audience.

Maria Chacon shows off her vacation in Tulum (Photo: IG @oficialmariachacon)
Maria Chacon made everyone go crazy with her bikini on the beach (Photo: IG @oficialmariachacon)

maria chacono He also ventured into theatre.adventures of tom sawyerHis first staging, which broadened his historical skills and with it he began to mold himself into the most complex environments and loved by all. As if that weren’t enough, he hosted radio and television programs for two years. Of “TN signWith Gladys Gallegos and Alex Rivera. Some of the shows they appeared in: “woman, real life affairs,Rose of Guadeloupe“why”as the saying goes,

Maria Chacon has just turned 31 years old (Photo: IG @oficialmariachacon)
Maria Chacon, best known for her role as “Choffice” (Photo: IG @oficialmariachacon)

Maria Chacon fell in love with Instagram with her photos

as mentioned before, Maria chacon She pays a lot of attention to her social networks, especially instagram, where he regularly uploads pictures of his vacations, meetings and work events. She always looks fabulous in every single one of her snapshots and looks like a catwalk model. organizations Who can take anyone’s breath. Just remember his birthday, where he did a . was kept Body With transparency, Black is leaving behind the gentle girl that everyone knew.

Maria Chacon also dominates the stage of the theatre (Photo: IG @oficialmariachacon)
Maria Chacon has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram (Photo: IG @oficialmariachacon)

Although everything looks perfect, thanks to their beauty and sculpted bodies with the help of exercise and healthy eating, they are bikini The king of his account, as every single model reveals its prominent and dangerous curves. As a result, his nearly half a million followers thank him with a storm of compliments and likes. She, in response, always pampers them with more images and of course, her smile that will make you fall in love.

Maria Chacon takes care of her body with a healthy diet and exercise. (Photo: IG @oficialmariachacon)
Maria Chacon is originally from Baja California (Photo: IG @oficialmariachacon)

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