Maria Chacon raises the temperature with the perfect trendy bikini for Sunday

maria chaconoMexican actress and singer, continues to give a lot to talk about on social networks, in addition to being one of the most important television stars of this time because of her participation in the telenovela “Cabo”, With its effect on fashion, everyone’s eyes are on it.

Maria Fernanda Chacon RomeosThe influencer’s real name, uploaded a story yesterday afternoon showing the look he used for a day of recording at the beach and you can use this day if you live near the beach.

This time the lead actress of a soap opera for children “Alegridge and Rebujos”She used a black and white checkered bikini, which she paired with a turquoise blue pareo.

Maria Chacon. Photo: Instagram.

This is what you need to know about Maria Chacon

Maria Chacon started her career in the entertainment industry when she was very young as a model for television commercials, however, it was not until she participated in children’s reality shows. “Fama Code” that his popularity increased.

Maria became a star when she was the heroine of a telenovela for children “Alegridge and Rebujos”With her role as Sofia Dominguez, “La Chopis”.

He also acted in a few soap operas as a teenager and did some musical work. However, it is at present that his fame has become much greater on social networks.

Over the years, the beautiful actress shed the image of a child actress and was able to play important roles on the small screen and also ventured into musical theater and cinema in films like ‘Fondedos’ which is on Netflix and with Natalia Tellez shared credit.

Maria Chacon. Photo: Instagram.

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Photos: Maria Chacon boasts a figure in denim micro shorts and tight pink top

Maria Chacon raises the temperature with the perfect sports top and shorts for Sunday. Photo

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