Maria Chacon seduces the gym in a black dress

maria chaconoOne of the protagonists of the telenovela “Cabo“Has become an event, because ever since he executed the character”Chief“Inside the Production”Allegridge and Rebujos“She won the hearts of all Mexicans. However, time passed and she became a celebrity with almost a half million people on Instagram.

The 31-year-old girl shares some details of her personal and professional life with her loyal audience. However, this is only the first where he receives more support, as it is clear that he loves what he does and that going to the gym is nothing in this case; It shows a small part of the place where the drop of fat is sweating, but yes, always with style.

It was through his stories from the above social networks where Maria chacon Appears with a black set from the iconic sports brand Nike. Apparently, the snapshot was taken after the exercise because without a photo it is not worth it), as you can see a little sweat on his neck. However, she looks radiant and fresh compared to cucumbers. From this moment on many would know her share of secrets to being a woman with an athletic body.

Maria Chacon sweats profusely (Photo: IG @oficialmariachacon)

Maria Chacon shows off her figure with various outfits

maria chacono She has always maintained her figure thanks to her regular gym visits and a healthy diet. Being a celebrity, it’s only natural that you want to show off something about your accomplishments on the network, which is why you might see them by the beach or at the club wearing clothes that capture the soul of those who come in contact with them. steal it. Photos.

The actress visited the beaches of Ibiza in mid-July and couldn’t help taking a few pictures and flaunting them. With tanned skin, she showed off her bikini, which is in cool colors and leaves practically nothing to the imagination. Just a few days ago he decided to teach them and as expected, he got all kinds of praise.

Maria Chacon from the beaches of Ibiza (Photo: IG @oficialmariachacon)

“Congratulations from Baja California Sur”, “I like your swimsuit”, “The waves drawn on your skin. A work of art”, “You are the dream of my life, the prettiest and most beautiful woman. I do not give up Ek Din Tumse Milon ki koi I love you”, were some of the messages he sent her.

Similarly, on his birthday he wore a black jumpsuit with transparency, which made his guests go crazy because that is how he started imagining strangers himself. “I couldn’t be more grateful for all the love around me and all the incredible things that I am experiencing,” he said at the time, which was part of the dedicated message.

Maria Chacon made everyone go crazy on her birthday (Photo: IG @oficialmariachacon)

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