Maria Leone dances in an impressive red dress and paralyzes the network

mary leone She has proved to be a multi-faceted artist and this time she has “Look who’s dancing where he received the title of “Best of the Night”, but what really caught his attention was his chivalry red dress Inspired by the one worn by actress Julia Roberts in the movie “Pretty Woman” more than 30 years ago and with which she is kept in the public’s memory.

Interpreter of “the echo of your voice” conquered the stage to the rhythm of Song “Pretty Woman” With a foxtrot style, in addition to the perfection of her movements, she managed to conquer the public by showing her beauty with an elegant and revealing satin dress in red With an opening in the foot that also had wings at the bottom which gave more drama to the dance.

Maria Leone in a red dress. Photo: IG @miraquienbaila

To complete the look, the singer wore long white gloves As used by Julia Roberts with her dress in the tape, which marked her career more than 30 years ago. On this occasion, Maria Leone paired her outfit with shoes Open heels perfect for dancing, fishnet stockings and a bun and dramatic red makeup that gives more visibility.

dance for maria leone

Via social networks, the former “Playa Limbo” singer has shared videos of her talent at dancing both on stage and inside. pole danceWith which he has also shown perseverance due to his rigorous training with which he has been placed as a star in this specialty.

In an interview for People en Espaol, “also the winner of the second season”Who’s the mask?She revealed the impact of dance on her life and health, as she entered a very young age because she had a problem with her feet that prevented her from walking. On the recommendation of doctors, the singer’s mother took her in. Ballet of classes.

“Dance in my life has been a constant of healing, joy, fun and a confirmation that I am able to get what I want. Dancing came into my life because I had an orthopedic problem, a problem with my feet Didn’t let me walk well (…) It became like a therapy for me to start opening my legs. I was a candidate for a knee operation,” he explained.

Maria Leone with a red dress. Photo: IG @sargentoleon

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