Maria Leone hits the net in sexy look with mini shorts

Maria Leone is one of the most talented singers in recent years in Mexico, but has also become very popular on social networks, where he constantly shares details of his day-to-day. this time he surprised He has more than 2.7 million followers on InstagramWell, she uploaded a picture in her stories in which she looks pretty, with a dress that has been liked thousands of times.

The singer is an expert in fashion and, like a diva, she knows all the beauty tricks to look perfect this time around, though she only wore a pair of her hairdos, her nails dyed wine and a pair of hairdos. It was a black bag.

Many believe that she is one of the queens of Instagram, because whenever she uploads something to her accounts, it is one of the social networks she uses and dominates the most. goes viral, And this is not by chance, because she has a lot of talent, charisma and beauty.

Its beauty is undeniable. Photo: Special.

Maria Leone is the queen of fashion

On the occasion, the beautiful interpreter was seen wearing a slightly loose red shirt and mini shorts, with which she was able to show off her curvy legs; Definitely This dress is perfect for going out on the weekend, His publication was repeated by his fans and, as expected, Got hundreds of compliments.

She is a fashion icon. Photo: Special.

The interpreter is one of the best moments of his career, but Leon’s success is not accidental, he has worked very hard and tried for many years. His career was in the group “T’ De Tila” and M. started withLater with “Playa Limbo”, from which his fame exploded. However, he is not “stuck” only in music.

She has also worked as an actress: In 2016, debuted as an actress Participating in a series of Guerra de idols from Telemundo and Netflix, but she also participates in theatre, has a solo career and frequents concerts as a host.

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