Maria Leone paralyzes the network from bed with a tight look

Maria Leone is a dancer, actress and singer who was a member of the group ‘Playa Limbo’ and is one of the most important influencers of all today. The 36-year-old model also showed why she is one of the most beautiful women in the world and through a story instagramFrom the bed, she showed off her curves and her incredible figure that left all her fans speechless.

In the year 2002, mary leone She did the casting for the reality show ‘Pop Stars’ which was broadcast by Televisa and where she was one of the finalists. He was selected along with other members to join T D Teela, a band signed by Sony Music. Years later, in 2015, he participated in another television program called ‘I Stand Up’ with artists such as Pati Cantu, Ha*ash, Ryo Roma, and where he worked as a coach. She was the jury of ‘Who is the mask’ two years ago? where was the winner?

Maria Leon, 36 year old actress. Source Instagram @sargentoleon

yes ok mary leone She has performed in singing shows, she has also participated in various soap operas. His last appearance on the small screen was as a judge for ‘La Voz Kids’. But, the 36-year-old singer has decided to foray into modeling and has shown her skills to parade the catwalk through her social networks.

on his Instagram account, mary leone She has over two and a half million followers and there she is in charge of showing why she is one of the most beautiful women in our country and Latin America. The actress and singer shared a story on the small-camera social network where she can be seen posing from her bed and showing off her curves.

In other publications, you can see mary leone, 36 years old, sharing her exercise routine for wearing tight swimsuits or staying fit. On more than one occasion, the Jalisco-born influencer has declared that she is one of those people who places the most emphasis on taking care of her body.

Maria Leone shows off her curves. Source Instagram @sargentoleon

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