Maria Leone raises the temperature in black lace lingerie

mary leone After the famous singer shared it with her fans, there was an uproar among her millions of followers on the social network Instagram and Facebook Some pictures in which she looked attractive black lace lingeriepictures with temperature rise And she was again confirmed as one of the most beautiful women on the show and with an impressive silhouette, as she showed off her marked abs.

The 36-year-old interpreter began her career in the music industry with the youth group “T’ de Tila”, later becoming the vocalist of the group in Jalisco, “Playa Limbo”, in which she stayed for more than 10 years. , , until she decided to start a solo career, she is now one of the foremost in entertainment for her talent, where she has also earned a spot as one of the sexiest artists.

maria leone shines in lingerie

it was wednesday when Leon, Who is currently part of the cast of the program “Dekho Kaun Naach Raha Hai”, She dazzled millions of followers on the meta platform with some snapshots published from Miami, Florida in the United States, in which she flaunted all her beauty with a revealing outfit as she did lace lingerie Which allowed him to show off his great body.

Maria Leone falls in love in lingerie. Photo: IG @sargentoleon

in your official account instagramOn a platform that has 2.8 million fans, the 36-year-old actress and singer shared a few pictures that delight her fans, as she was seen again in an alluring look combining a panty negra With a T-shirt of the same color that stands cut and meant to be worn as a tied mini top, one with a clear neckline makes for an evocative garment.

“Golden hour (golden hour) #FireWednesday,” he wrote. Maria To go along with the photos that have been a sensation among her millions of followers, managing to garner over 800 comments with flattering words like: “You left me speechless”, “I love you”, “With your beauty” Hypnotized”, “Ahhhhh, what a woman”, “How cute” and “Beautiful heart”; In addition to generating over 88 thousand “likes”.

leonWho has made it clear that she is one of those celebrities who does the most to maintain her figure, with style and sensuality, next to a window and illuminated by the colors of the sunset, in a flirtatious look Shows off her perfect silhouette. black lingerie with whom temperature rise on the digital platform and clarified why she is one of the most beautiful women in entertainment and social networks.

The singer steals everyone’s eyes with her looks and beauty. Photo: IG @sargentoleon

Maria Elizabeth Leone Herrera, full name of the interpreter, also known as “Sargento Leone”, debuted as an actress in 2016, participating in the series “Guerra d’Idols” on Telemundo and Netflix, and in that His fame is in the landscapes from the moment. Did not stop, because remember that the native of Jalisco starred in the musical dramas “Today I can’t get up” and “Who’s the mask?” is the winner of.

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