Mariana Levy: Her ashes are scattered by Talina Fernandez 17 years after her death

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one of the saddest days you’ve ever had talina fernandez It was the death of his daughter, Mariana Levy, on April 29, 2005. His sudden death shook the entertainment world and the host’s life.

that date, mariana levy She was already going to an amusement park with her family to celebrate Children’s Day, but the fun-filled day she had planned turned into a tragedy when, in an attempted robbery, “Wicked Dreamers” The hero of “Vale” suddenly became a victim. heart attack.

emotional moment

17 years after that tragic incident, the 78-year-old driver shared on his social network that he had decided to spread his daughter’s ashes in the woods. Through her social networks, she shared pictures of the emotional moment, in which she was surrounded by her family.

“Today, not an important day due to some past incident, after more than 17 years we went into the woods to leave a piece of my Mariana. It was beautiful and moving and I feel nothing but the joy of being her mother Hai”, wrote Talina along with the pictures posted on her Instagram account.

she does not have she had her boyfriend with her Jose Manuel Fernandez 80 years old, as well as their children cocoa You levi duck, His granddaughter Maria, the eldest daughter of Mariana, was also present to say goodbye to her mother. Her brothers Paula and Emilio did not attend, but they liked their grandmother’s publication.

In the image you can see some objects that surround the ashes of the deceased actress, such as a cigarette, a butterfly, a picture frame, a blue stone and a heart.

He also shared a photo of an ad for a stall that sold strawberries with cream, the name of the musical group Mariana Levy was in the 1980s, which also featured Tono Mauri.

Talina lets Mariana Levy “fly”

last June, talina fernandez He announced that he would soon let his daughter “fly” because “it was time”. “I’m going to have a ceremony with my three grandchildren and my children, to carry his ashes into the woods and spread them, to let him breathe air. Enough to squeeze into a small box Yes, that’s what I wanted when she died, but it’s time for her to go, to fly in the air with butterflies, ”he said in the statement for the program Vaenga La Alegria.

Talina shared that it was Mariana herself who chose the forest, noting that although she clings to it during this time, she knows she will see him again.

Mariana Levy died at the age of 39 and left behind three children: Maria, The fruit of her marriage to actor Ariel López Padilla; While Paula and Jose Emilio were born during their relationship with businessman Jose María Fernández, “El Piru”.

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