mariazel: 3 bubbly bikinis with which she was crowned the most beautiful

mariazel She is one of those celebrities who teaches fashion classes with her looks, and when it comes to outfits perfect for the beach or the pool, she can’t be any different, as the star of the comedy show “i fall with laughter“is a fashionista who isn’t afraid to try different styles, as confirmed by these 3 bubbly bikinis with which she was crowned the most beautiful from television.

The actress is also very active on her network, mainly the Meta platform, in which she has 3.6 million followers, to whom she constantly agrees with photos and videos of her best outfits, with which she falls in love with her fans. and declares herself queen. of style, something he showed from his first appearance at the event hosted by Omar Perez Reyes, better known as Faso,

mariazel is the most beautiful in bikini

In her official accounts of the meta platform you can find a huge number of photos of the presenter with all kinds of photos, but they are definitely the ones in which she is seen wearing revealing or flirtatious two-piece swimsuits, with which she flaunts her own style. Enthralls the fans. Millions of followers, who never miss an opportunity to praise her with the words “Bella”, “Hermosa”, “Presiosa” and many more.

Mariajel is looking very beautiful in bikini. Photo: FB @mariazelzel

When it comes to bikini, mariagel Are one of those celebrities who have tried all kinds of styles, from classics to neutral colors like black, with high-waisted panty designs, to the most daring and risky, or those who tend to ruin the style Floral prints are perfect, as are many women’s favorites for the summer holidays, but never go out of style.

The 41-year-old presenter, who has also participated in shows such as “Esta Canone” with Yordi Rosado, and is currently one of the favorite hosts of the sports channel TUDN, for which she will go to Qatar 2022, is consolidated in the network Beach or Social as a fashion icon for the pool, as it demonstrates with its outfits that you can look amazing, fashionable and with the best trends.

The driver has a great body by the beach. Photo: FB @mariazelzel

Born in Spain, who arrived in Mexico in 1987, she began her career as a child actress when she studied at the Ciné de Oro, Silvia Derbez’s diva’s acting and dance school, and was part of various children’s theater plays. She, as well as in some television commercials, and was a dancer for singer Immanol. As a teenager, he traveled to his homeland where he studied film acting.

mariazel ole Presenter’s full name Casals gained popularity with her participation in the comedy show “Me Cago de Risa”, in which she showed that she is a fashion lover and was seen wearing the most chic mini dresses, which she repeats on her social networks. Is. In which she also shows her stunning figure flirty bikini,

It imposes style with its bubbly style. Photo: FB @mariazelzel

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