Mariazel lights up the floor by dancing in a bathing suit

mariazel ole giving his best in the competition of “The stars dance today”“Well, he has fascinated not only with his movements, but also with his performance, as he did this Tuesday when he turned Track that by showing off in a swimsuitWhich showed him with his curvy figure. The actress received hundreds of responses from her fans, who have always been supporting her, especially now that she has returned to the competition.

star of “I fall laughing” reuniting with Yurem In the reality show of the Hoy program in its “Champion of Champions” version. Showing in this opportunityor his dancing skills, but also his familiar sense of humour, because his last show surprised to dance “Pool’s Cumbia” A popular song in the Sonidero style that brought out his creativity and his finest movements.

Mariazel takes off her shirt and puts on a bathing suit

For this presentation, mariazel y uremo They appeared on a stage decorated with props found in a pool, such as towels, some loungers, balls and floats. Meanwhile, the couple was first spotted some funny t-shirts That he had prints of sculpted bodies in swimsuits attracted the attention of the jury, the production and the public, however, no one ever imagined that he would later be surprised by his outfits.

Mariazel and Yurem dance in bathing suits Photo: Exclusive

In the middle of the choreography, Zell, as they affectionately call her, and her partner take off pieces of clothing to appear in flirty swimsuits. While Yurem wore a swimsuit with a heart motif in the middle, the TUDN host wore a . I showed my figure full swimsuit in brown, Which I just taught a few weeks ago, because it was the perfect piece to end the summer.

Despite being a risky decision due to harsh words that could be taken from the judges, his performance and creativity delighted the members of the panel. Andrea Lagaretta He highlighted that he liked how he told the story with the music, choreography and his beach side, however, Emma Pulido She explained that the only thing she wasn’t a fan of was Marigel coming out of chewing gum, but most of her comments were positive, as were other members of the review group.

Latin Lover He assured that he liked the good performance of the couple and also took the opportunity to make fun of it. Yurem As for the locker room, she took the first panties she found in her closet, as indicated. eventually, Ariel Padilla He insisted that the duet is authentic and fresh, so he insisted that there should be more teams like them. Similarly, fans on social networks also left good reactions for the contestants.

“You’re going to win, I’m #TeamZelyYurem”“hahahaha they shower it now because they get naked and for chewing gum anyway”, “they’re there because they’re from televisa because since their first dance they’ve been making mistakes and judge them well continue to qualify it was cheap”“In shorts and without him I want to see Zell” and “Wow I give him a 10”, are some of the comments that can be read on the digital platform, where he has divided opinion.

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