Mariazel looks more beautiful than ever in a sexy bikini

Again, mariazel from the TV showi fall with laughterIt became a topic of conversation on social networks after she shared a funny video in which she was wearing a stunning bikini, as she made it clear that she has one of the best personalities in the entertainment world.

As you know, the 41 year old television star has established himself as one of the most recognized entertainment figures today thanks to the excellent work he has done. reality show de televisa And as a collaborator in such programs as “Mas Deporte” and “Hoy”.

Apart from her aspect as a host, the Spanish-born famous Barcelona is also a lover of challenges as she has participated in and appeared in reality shows such as “The Inseparables”, “Reto 4 Elementos” and more recently is part of the cast “Las Estrellas Ballons en Today: Champions of Champions.”

mariazel steals eyes in flirty bikini

A few moments ago, before his more than three million followers on Instagram, mariazel She shared a video of her displaying a strange sense of humor in the company of her husband, but everyone was surprised by the stunning figure she wore while recording herself by the pool.

Photo: Instagram/@mariazelzel

It turns out that colleagues in the program “i fall with laughter“She delighted all her admired pupils by wearing a beautiful yellow bikini, which left little or nothing to the imagination and so was told by her fans, who surrendered the great body she wore in the pool.

In the recording we see the television host looking prettier than ever in a short swimsuit that highlights her shapely tummy and her pronounced curves. Netizens immediately said that he has one of the most important figures to date.

Photo: Instagram/@mariazelzel

Mariazel and her fame on social networks

As we mentioned earlier, mariazel He is considered one of the most important television stars today and his fame is reflected in the number of followers he has on Instagram, a platform on which he has over three and a half million followers.

On the digital platform, the television host shares pictures showing her beautiful family and the expensive trips they make. Plus, she never loses her glam as she always looks fabulous with looks that highlight each and every one of them. live curve,

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