Mariazell and the 12 swimsuits she made Instagram melt

mariazel She is one of those actresses who has a huge fan following eating from her hand. This is because of her excellent work in front of the camera as an actress and also as a host, featuring in the world of sports. All his success is reflected in his social networks, where he enjoys great support from his loyal audience. A look at his Instagram account reveals that he has more than 3.5 million followers.

native of barcelona, spain, After appearing in the program “Me cago de risa” the audience went crazy, within dysfunctional family, where he made great friends from show business, who regretted his departure when it was announced. However, she remains in force and now more than ever qatar world cup 2022because he’ll be keeping his word for the company saint angel,

Mariazel loves the sea and whenever she goes to relax on the beach (Photo: IG @mariazelzel)
Mariazel went to the Nickelodeon Hotel with her family (Photo: IG @mariazelzel)

before the start of the world cup Mariazell Ole Cassels he went on holiday with his daughter Laia and your partner Adrian rubio To ease a bit the accumulated stress of the year, which, although it had less impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was complicated. As such they can be seen in various settings, many of them related to the sea, which is preferred by most people. As expected, she was seen in many swimsuits which fell in love with everyone who could see her through her pictures.

Mariazel is an actress and host (Photo: IG @mariazelzel)
Mariazel was born in Barcelona, ​​Spain (Photo: IG @mariazelzel)

Who is Marizel?

As already mentioned, Marizel in the nation spain On August 9, 1982. When she was a child, she was attracted to acting and dancing, subjects she studied that later became part of children’s plays. Already with a few more years he traveled to Catalonia to study cinematographic interpretation. was the first house in Mexico to open its doors to her Ajusco Television Station Where he also studied in his academy. Similarly, he also gained expertise as a conductor.

Mariazel studied at the TV Azteca and Televisa academies (Photo: IG @mariazelzel)
Mariazel is passionate about the world of sports (Photo: IG @mariazelzel)

In the field of love she decided to finalize her relationship with the actor Adrian Rubio with whom he had a young daughter Laia, All three have a great relationship and this can be seen in the family photos taken. although yes, mariazel She appears to be more attached, as he is always by her side to make her understand that she can always count on him forever, something that inspired her followers.

Actor Adrian Rubio is Mariazell’s partner (Photo: IG @mariazelzell)
Mariazell was part of the dysfunctional family of “Me Cago de Risa” (Photo: IG @mariazelzell)

The 41-year-old actress appeared in a few episodes of the program “Lo Que Calamos Las Mujeres” and played a few roles in the productions “Machos” and “Los Sanchez”. In July 2020, she made a cameo in the series Ana, Season 2, Episode 6, as a journalist. Likewise, she was the main host of the program “Wells 4 Calls”, which aimed to show various tourist nuances of Mexico.

Mariazel appeared in “What We Women Keep Silent About” (Photo: IG @mariazelzel)
Mariazel is very active on her social networks so as not to neglect her audience (Photo: IG @mariazelzel)

it is for these reasons mariazel She is one of the darlings of the Mexican public who does not miss to attend any event.

Mariazel is the mother of a girl named Liya (Photo: IG @mariazelzel)
Mariazel was born on August 9, 1982 (Photo: IG @mariazelzel)

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