Maribel Guardia: 3 Perfect Leather Looks to Show Off Your Curves

At 63 years old, maribel guardia, the Costa Rican actress, host and singer, is one of the show’s best dressed stars and it’s proof that on her social networks she teaches how to use leather with elegance and style. In fact, she’s pretty good at looks with this material and she shares which curves are ideal for highlighting, so here we show you her best outfits.

Wearing Maribel leather shoes. (credit: Facebook / Maribel Guardia)

3 best driver looks with leather

The best look of the host and actress was the one she showed off a few days back and shared on her social networks. you can see in the image maribel guardia With a leather maxi skirt that flaunts her attractive figure. Also, he wears a long-sleeved blouse with it which has a simple print in black and white colours. As if that wasn’t enough, wear over-the-knee boots made of leather.

Maribel in a leather skirt. (credit: Facebook / Maribel Guardia)

Her another iconic look of the actress was the one she used during her son’s birthday on May 2. Julian, as she showed off her figure with black leather pants and a Leonardo animal print blouse to accompany her look. In the picture, the driver is seen hugging his son in a very happy and beautiful way.

Maribel in leather pants. (credit: Facebook / Maribel Guardia)

Her last and best look with the leather from the “Lagunilla, My Neighborhood” actress was the one she showed off to her network a few months ago, as the photos she published showed Driver in a beautiful leather miniskirt, some Can be seen with shoes. Even a black blouse with knick-knacks of the same material and coffee with a discreet pattern.

Maribel in a leather miniskirt. (credit: Facebook / Maribel Guardia)

For their part, Internet users on the social network have not stopped praising him, because more than six decades later, the Costa Rican driver claims to be a curvy person. However, she has revealed that she looks like this thanks to her balanced diet and consistent exercise.

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Maribel Guardia in a purple set of flared pants

The cellular age of a 40-year-old woman in Maribel Guardia is


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