Maribel Guardia Leisure Style Chair with Flared Pants and White Top

If it’s about combining clothes brilliantly, showing off a great body and showing off great style, maribel guardia Shows that she paints herself. Actress The 63-year-old shared a picture with his social network followers, in which he baggy pants print and a . beige with white wrap topwith whom he gave style chair, Too singer with him photography With an idea about the power of words.

“Words do not go away by any wind. Every word destroys or creates, hurts or heals, curses or blesses”, wrote the famous.

it was through your account instagram that Costa Rican, nationalized Mexican tasted it great body which is loaded and why is it considered one sexiest granny on showso he pretended Charm In a very sexy way.

In a matter of minutes, the mesmerizing postcard with Nature background and silhouette of maribel In the foreground, it was filled with thousands of red hearts and hundreds of compliments, including the occasional offbeat compliment. In addition to their followers took advantage of Post To express your love and appreciation.

“Gorgeous! Have a nice Saturday, and it’s full of joy, I love you so much Mari?”, commented one of his followers.

there is no doubt that Joan Sebastian’s former partner knows how to give off sexiness, but without losing style, because her coordinated outfits are proof that she’s a fashion lover and a lot of it Good TasteSo he didn’t hesitate to show his fans what he is capable of.

and although maribel guardia found out that most demure outfits They suit her perfectly, they are photos where she shows off a lot of her skin favorite of her followers, who appreciated the small gift but like to see her well open.


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