Marijuana Coming to Circle’s Gas Stations in Florida

Floridians will soon be able to buy marijuana products at Circle’s gas stations, along with cigarettes and snacks, according to Green Thumb Industries, one of the largest US cannabis producers.

Chicago-based Green Thumb announced Wednesday that as part of a new partnership between the companies, from next year the grass will be sold in 10 “Rise Express” dispensaries with separate entrances from gas stations. Products up for sale include marijuana flowers, pre-rolls, gummies and vapes, which Green Thumb will supply from the 28-acre facility the company is building in Ocala, Florida, ready to be up and running by the end. It’s 2022.

Ben Kowler, founder and CEO of Green Thumb, said in a statement that the deal with Circle K “makes it easier and more efficient for patients to purchase high-quality cannabis as part of their everyday routine when they stop by a local convenience store.” will give.”

While still illegal at the federal level, marijuana is legally sold for medical use in Florida, with approximately 560,000 Floridians currently holding a medical marijuana card, according to the Florida Department of Health.

Biden pardons thousands of people with federal convictions for marijuana possession


According to the National Convention of State Legislatures, marijuana is sold at stand-alone dispensaries in the parts of the US that have legalized it, allowing cannabis for medical use in 37 states and adult recreational use in 19 others. Has been.

The owner of Circle K, Quebec, Canada-based Elementation Couch-Tard, confirmed to Green Thumb an agreement to lease adjacent space for its store in Florida. “To be clear, Circle is not selling cannabis in its U.S. stores,” a spokesperson told CBS Moneywatch in an email.

According to Green Thumb, the global company operates approximately 600 locations in Florida.

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