Marjorie de Sousa presumes vestido y estallan sus fans

Marjorie de Sousa said that she lists a few surprises. Photo: AFP

El marjorie de sousa It is worth comparing it with a goddess and that even this video will raise suspicions that it will teach more.

Marjorie de Sousa provoked an unrest on the internet the dress which has been discovered a part of his body.

The atrevido dress of Marjorie de Sousa

The Venezuelan star appeared on Instagram with a dress that captured the gaze of her fans and the model was so out of the ordinary that remembers that Jennifer Lopez has also done something similar.

“Preparando sorpresas, los amo equipo”

Escribio Marjorie de Sousa junto a su video

The dress of the actress has various tones that go from pink to morado.

The most striking thing is that the design is open on the left side and the silhouette of the villan from the telenovela “Amores verdaderos” has been revealed.

The body is united by a few gold-plated tiaras and Marjorie turns around and poses showing the different angles of her dress.

To the publication of the rubia, her fans reacted with comments like:

  • “Divine”
  • “What do you pass with the guapa?”
  • “Espectacular”
  • “Diosa”
  • “Guapísima y very sexy, como elegante”
  • “My beautiful diosa”

In personal matters, the actress pointed out in an encounter with the media that she is happy in love but this does not imply that she needs to get married because she only passes well every day.

Marjorie added that she also listed a project with her son Matias, as a result of her relationship with Julian Gill,

They start praising the little one, pointing out that he is an intelligent, beautiful and wonderful child and that he is growing up happy, full of light and love.

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