Marjorie De Sousa’s last low blow against Julian Gill

Marjorie De Sousa and Julian Gill

Julian Gil and Marjorie de Sousa are locked in conflict over their son, she demands a pension to support the younger child, which Julian Gil believes is excessive; and he, for his part, demands the right to see his son, something that Marjorie would not allow as she assured him that Julian was violent and did not think it was good for him to see his son when He agreed that it should take place in a special centre, but this also did not materialize as according to Julian it was too much of a show to prevent him from seeing his young child.

It turned into a big fight in front of the media, and Julian decided to leave it at that and wait for his son to grow up so that he could explain what happened to his mother and build a relationship with her.

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Years have passed and now Marjorie de Sousa and Julian Gil are back in the media spotlight, this time because the Venezuelan appeared with her son on the cover of People in Digital Spanish, where they are seen singing Christmas carols.

Why did Julian Gil explode against the people in Spanish?

According to the actor, the way he conducted the interview with Marjorie de Sousa is another way to feed “parental alienation”: “”Unbelievable how to normalize such sensitive issues… This type of publication threatens the millions of children who continue to suffer from ‘parental alienation’. Mattias will realize at that time that the loss we have suffered is … unfortunate. PS: It would be nice to see if they sing a song for Father’s Day, wouldn’t it? The actor wrote and concluded with one sentence: “I hope people in Spanish don’t deactivate the comments (as they always do) so that my son can read things and know what they are.” Furthermore, Julian Gill’s daughter also attacks Marjorie, telling her to remember that the little girl has a father and that she has brothers, uncles and cousins ​​who want to share her life and she will not let them do that. .

cover of people in spanish
Julian Gil’s daughter reacts to the publication of People en EspañolJU

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