Mark Hamill Donates Over 500 Drones to the Ukrainian Army: “They’re Eyes in the Sky in a War”

American actor Mark Hamill, best known for playing Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, has donated More than 500 drones for Ukraine To help them in the war against Russia. The 71-year-old celebrity confirmed the news on an episode of Bloomberg Radio’s Sound On.

“Ukraine needs drones – explained Hamill –. Drones define the outcome of war, defend its land, its people, monitor the border, eyes in the skyIn fact, the actor joined as an ambassador for Ukraine’s UNITED24 ‘Army of Drones’ project, he tweeted late last month.

,He is the first ambassador to help raise funds To support our defenders, the Army of Drones – published Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on his Instagram account. This is a difficult mission, but very important. Mark, we’re sure you’ll see it. Thank you for supporting the people of Ukraine in our fight for freedom.”

Hamill’s involvement in the project meant that he would assist the government of Ukraine to acquire unmanned aerial vehicles for its defence. After several weeks as part of an army of drones, the donation of 500 drones that he claims to have made to Sound On is proof of his intentions to help the country.

Hamill is not the only celebrity who is part of the Ukrainian project, other artists such as the singer have also participated. barbra stesandorock band members imagine Dragons and actors liv schreiber,

Ukrainian Defense Ministry managed 'I Want to Live'.

The presence of drones with the latest technology in the war between Ukraine and Russia gives a lot to talk about. Recently, several videos went viral showing how Russians were using Iranian kamikaze drones against the Ukrainian civilian population.

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