Marlene Favela: Reveals 3 bikinis with which her figure stands out

marlene favell It’s all the rage amongst its millions of followers on the digital platform, featuring it by showcasing the trendiest outfits, such as its Revealing the bikini that makes her paralyzed The network affirms herself as one of the most beautiful women in the middle of the show, and with which she also teaches styling to mature women who are looking for Highlight your curvy figure,

The beautiful soap opera heroine, who celebrated her 45th birthday a few months back, has become a fashion icon for women who are over 40 like her, but always want to be in trend, as the outfits reveal. which she reveals on the network, with which she has won thousands of “likes” for each season by showing off her ideal looks, and which are perfect for outlining her curves.

Marlene Favela wins bikini reveal

In her official accounts on the meta platform, in which she has millions of followers, Marlene, who recently confirmed that she will be part of the cast of the telenovela “El Amor Invincible” by producer Juan Osorio, constantly shares snapshots in which she looks like She is seen posing with outfits that flaunt her figure lux de playa with which it creates sensation.

Marlene sizzles in a flirty bikini. Photo: IG @marlenefavela

The beautiful star of soap operas is also one of the celebrities to defy the rules of fashion, because although some famous international designers, such as Carolina Herrera, assure that two-piece swimsuits should not be worn after the age of 40 , marlene She does it in a great way and attracts her followers on the network with her trendy and very chic outfits.

Favela makes it clear with her bikinis that she is not afraid to try out different styles, but rather reveals with which she prefers to highlight her figure, because when she has been seen in these types of outfits, So his fans have seen him. Show off with outfits made out of smaller pieces, such as a top formed by triangles, or very small bottoms, which allow her to show off her curvy legs.

The actress teaches fashion through her beach looks. Photo: IG @marlenefavela

Her last appearance on the small screen was in the telenovela “La Desalmada” produced by José Alberto “El Guerro” Castro, in which she shared the screen with celebrities such as Livia Brito, Marjorie de Sousa and Eduardo Santamarina, and was recently shown In another aspect of being a contestant on the program “Top Chef VIP”, which unfortunately did not emerge victorious, driver Lambda García was crowned as the winner.

The beautiful actress ventured into acting from the late 90s, with melodramas such as “For Your Love”, “Hell in Paradise”, “Deceived Woman” and “La Intrusa”, although she gained much popularity playing the role of Rosaura. Of. Rios Olivares in the telenovela “Gata Salvaje” in 2002; Today, at 20 years old, she is already consolidated as a star of soap operas and a benchmark of the genre.

Favela exudes sensuality and beauty. Photo: IG @marlenefavela

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