Martha Julia confesses whether she has returned with Gabriel Soto after the alleged separation from Irina Baeva

Two names that have been in the middle of the storm for a few weeks are Gabriel Soto I Irina Bevasince one would guess supposed separation Between them when they already had plans for marriage, and recently there is a name associated with the scandal Martha JuliaWhich again belongs to the soap opera heartthrob, however, the actress herself is already confessed And return In the arms of the actor.

It should be remembered that even before 10 years, Gabriel Soto You Martha Julia They were already lovers, but they ended and each one continued with their lives, however, the actor has always expressed a great affection for the actress, and even called her for the rest of his life. came to be listed as love, and now he is believed to have . ended his relationship with lirina baevaThere are people who assure that the middle is already hot Gabriel You Martha,

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