Mastodon, Twitter’s rival, is a trending topic with over a million monthly active users

mastodon is one decentralized open source social network Which is based on independent servers, where they each have their own administrator and community rules.

The application has become an alternative to Twitter since Elon Musk bought the said platform, moreover, a week after the said purchase was closed, Mastodon registered over 230,000 users, noting that at its launch , Application It had over 655,000 active people.

This Monday, November 7, Eugen Rochko (CEO of the social network) updated the data and announced that Mastodon had reached 1,028,362 monthly active users.,

Counting bot data indicates that the application accumulates approximately 6,250,000 accounts, of which over 5,000 were created in the last hour, over 130,000 in the last day, and over 450,000 in the last week.

Is there a similarity with Twitter?

Mastodon is similar to Twitter in many ways. the main difference is that is not run by a companyBecause anyone can start a server to feed free open source software.

Multiple instances (servers running the same software) allow users build mastadon version In addition, with unique content rules, these instances are interconnected so that any user can choose their own server and view all content.

Quartz notes that “the most active users of Twitter are those who flock to Mastodon. security demandsa place where the platform they rely on disappears or is irrevocably replaced”.

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