“Mattress Mack” Could Win $75 Million If Astros Win The World Series

A Texas furniture store owner could win the biggest sports bet payout ever, depending on who wins the 2022 World Series between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Houston Astros.

Jim McKingvale, also known as “Mattress Mack”, told ESPN that he put $10 million on the Astros, splitting the stakes across different platforms, including $1 million with WynnBET and $US with Caesars Sportsbook. 3 million were involved. The Astros have a winning odds of about +750 across all sports betting apps, which means that if McKingvale is right, he’ll win a combined $75 million.

Sports betting analytics firm Action Network Confirmed This week will be the biggest payout of $75 million ever.

McKingvale on Friday said he has a high risk tolerance and is comfortable betting on the Astros as the team has been a World Series finalist for the past five seasons.

“They change people so well,” he told ESPN. “He has a great scouting system, great analytics and I think Jim Crane is the best boss in baseball.”

The Astros finished the regular season with a 106–56 record and beat the New York Yankees last Sunday to earn a spot in the World Series. Game 1 of the World Series begins Friday at Minute Maid Park in Houston.

McIngvale is hoping for a better result this year than last season, when he bet on the Astros for $3.2 million and the team lost. A win this time will benefit the customers of its Houston area gallery furniture store. McKingvale said he would use the $75 million to cover the cost of a new promotion where anyone who spent $3,000 or more on a mattress would get their entire purchase for free.

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Houston business owner Jim McKingvale, known as “Mattress Mac”, poses for a portrait at his Store Gallery Furniture on February 17, 2021 in Houston, Texas.

Washington Post

“If the bet is hit, I’ll get back $10 million in invested capital, so there’s no cost to me in the promotion,” McKingvale told CNBC on Friday. “And if the Phillies win, I’m out of $10 million, so I have a vested interest in that, but I have a genuine interest in making sure the customers win.”

McIngvale has become famous for his multimillion-dollar sports bets in football, college basketball, baseball and horse racing. He won an estimated $15 million when the University of Kansas won the NCAA men’s basketball tournament in April, reports CBS Sports. McKingvale lost nearly $10 million earlier this year when he bet the Cincinnati Bengals would win the Super Bowl. He also lost $1.5 million on the Kentucky Derby earlier this year, according For the bleacher report.

McIngvale also drew attention last year for allowing hundreds of local residents to shelter at his gallery furniture store in 2021, when a major snowstorm left Texans without heat or electricity. In 2017, he converted some stores into shelters after Hurricane Harvey.

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