Maxine Woodside talks about her son’s death and dedicates an emotional message

unfortunate death a few days ago Alejandro Iriarte, son of famous communicator maxine woodsideFor which he decided to break his silence and publicly thank him for the support he has received, besides making a dedication Message to my son.

via youtube channel of Ana Maria Alvaradowhere an audio was released in which the communicator Thank you to your colleagues and friends expression of his affection.

“To all the people and friends who have sent me their condolences and solidarity love for the terrible loss of my son Alejandro, I thank you for the countless expressions of support and sympathy for my heart is broken by this tremendous loss.

He indicated that thanks to the love he has received, he has been able to find the fort to move on.

“Thank you again so much for the love that gives me comfort and strength and the best tribute to the extraordinary human being that was my son Alejandro,” he added.

On the other hand, he dedicated an emotional message to his son assuring that its glow will take you forever And thanked for the love given to him.

“My dear viewers, media and friends, dear son Alejandro, thank you for giving me the privilege of being the light with which you always illuminated my life. Now that glow, I will keep it in my heart forever, full of love.” With deep gratitude for giving us the strength and beauty of your presence”, said Maxine Woodside.

Finally, the communicator said that he was sure that the people who knew Alejandro, they will take it to their heart and even thanked the public for leading her to the duel.

“I am sure they will always live on in the hearts of all your loved ones and those who came across your path, whom you filled with joy. I thank all the media, colleagues and friends and my dear viewers for allowing the whole family to mourn in a dignified manner, I love you so much and I send you a big hug, thank you very much”, Maxine Woodside concluded.

It should be noted that it was speculated that Alejandro Irriarte he would have taken his own lifeAlthough Maxine has already denied this.




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