Maya Nazor Reveals the Secret to Fixing Her Mini Waist After Lucas’ Birth

Maya Nazori Has become a fashion icon for many women, especially those who have just become mothers, because of the girlfriend Santa Fe Klan mini belt light a few months after the birth of your baby Look. For this The influencer has revealed a of which they will be their secrets To get his figure back.

In recent months, Maya has begun to stand out on social networks such as Instagram and TikTok, showing off her figure in trendy and eye-catching outfits, such as fitted mini dresses, high-waisted pants, jumpsuits and even more. That bikini, with which she shows off that’s why just a few months after becoming a mother, she’s regained her silhouette even before her baby was pregnant.

This will be the secret to fix Maya Nazor’s mini waist

His followers are shocked Influential figure, 23 years old, which is only three months show a small waist With every look of hers. However, the singer’s girlfriend “I am here” I would have achieved this thanks to a modeling fazawhatever happens one of his secrets To return to being the hourglass silhouette that has impressed thousands of his fans.

Maya Nazor uses modeling faza Photo: Exclusive

shared by Nazor on his account a few weeks ago instagram a. a picture using corset girdle, what did it touch modern For this piece that is usually hard to wear. According to many women who wear this type of garment, it is ideal for performingSports Activitiesas well you can use daily, Which will help to re-establish the area which is difficult to model.

The content creator has no shame in showing off this piece, as she’s also worn it in several videos. TIC Toc, a stage that is one of her favourites, as she raises the temperature there with her mini looks and flirty dance. In this way, Maya demonstrates that it is possible to use a modeling girdle to once again show off a curvy silhouette and a toned stomach.

Maya Nazori She was already known on social networks, however, her popularity increased when she started dating Angel Quezada, The real name of the singer “I’ll go look for you”, with whom he has a year-long relationship and a son named Luca, whom he occasionally shows on social networks. Apart from standing out for her courtship with the Mexican rapper, the influencer also has many fans flaunting her looks, which are perfect for young moms-to-be.

Maya Nazor impresses with her figure three months after becoming a mother IG @nazormaya

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Maya Nazor is wearing tight high-waisted pants from behind

Such a lovely Maya was insignificant when she was a child; Will Your Son Be The Same With The Santa Fe Clan?

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