Maya Nazor rocks TikTok with fit sport outfit and daring dance moves

During the past weeks, Maya Nazor had somewhat abandoned her social networks as she was extremely busy planning a birthday party. santa fe clan, However, last weekend, the beautiful influencer returned to TikTok and left all her fans speechless as She slays beauty and sexiness in a video where she flaunts her curves in a fitted sport look, Which earned her hundreds of accolades with which she was able to reaffirm herself as one of the hottest women on the entire internet.

As mentioned earlier, it was through the famous application of Chinese origin maya nazor Published the video in question for no other purpose than Delight a disciple of his over 6.2 million followers on said social networkIn which it is a phenomenon because of the different content in which it is published in which it highlights the beauty.

This video of Maya Nazor was recorded from a room in her luxurious house and she is seen singing and choreographing to the beats of “Kahira”, one of Karol ji’s new songs, for which She left all her fans speechless by flaunting her hot hip moves.

The outfit the Santa Fe Clan’s beautiful girlfriend wore was Sport set made from sky blue lycra fabric And because of the material it was made from, it tends to stick to clothing on the affected person’s body highlighting each of its curvesFor which the model stole more than one sigh and for this reason she started receiving hundreds of compliments from both her fans and other show business celebrities.

“You’re Beautiful”, “More Beautiful Every Day”, “You’re a Queen”, “Cool Woman”, “Simply Divine” and “A Real Bonbon” These are some of the compliments that can be read in the comment box of Maya Nazor’s post, which has accumulated almost 400,000 reposts and more than 50,000 likes till the end of this writing.

Maya Nazor explains why she didn’t show Luca’s face

Despite the fact that Maya Nazor never tried to hide her motherhood, the young influencer He never showed the face of his son Luca And during a live broadcast, they questioned her on the subject and she confessed Neither she nor the Santa Fe Clan want their child to be famous. Well, they don’t know whether he wants to be or not, moreover, he said he doesn’t want to expose them to negative energies, so for now, he will continue without showing his firstborn son’s face.

Maya Nazor has managed to maintain her figure despite motherhood. Photo: IG: Nazaromaya

,I don’t want to show it, and neither does Angel. We don’t want to teach Luca right now. Maybe at some point we’ll teach it. it’s more to protect her, Because people already see the comments made by them. My child doesn’t deserve negative energy. I know there are many good people, but there are crazy people, bad, sick people, and I’m not going to expose my child to that. I want to give my child his personality. I don’t want to raise him as famous as a kid when I don’t know what he wants to be.”Maya Nazor said.

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