Meaning of the blue bracelet Camilla wore during Elizabeth II’s mourning

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for many years, Camilla Was regarded as an evil character interfering in the marriage between Carlos and the Princess Diana, After 16 years of marriage and several image campaigns, the new queen consort has become a respected wife, an understanding grandmother.

now wife King Charles III monopolizes media attention and analyzes every aspect of her life, including her relationship with the emperor and her children, as well as the way she acts and dresses in each act, In which he has attended the last 8 since the death of Queen Elizabeth II. september.

In the way she dresses, the most attention-grabbing items are her indispensable pearls, but also a blue bracelet, which she has worn since the death of the longest-serving monarch in the United Kingdom and her husband Carlos’s throne. Climbed on.

about this Jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra BraceletIt has a four-leaf clover design, a floral motif primarily symbolizing good luck, so the queen consort may have chosen that piece of jewelry as a tribute to her husband at the beginning of her reign.

The four-leaf clover is also a symbol of faith, love and hope, which are appropriate symbols for the royal family during the period of mourning following the death of Elizabeth II.

“She’s been a part of our lives forever. I’m 75 now and I don’t remember anyone other than the Queen. Being a single woman must have been very difficult for her. There were no female prime ministers or presidents. She She was unique, so I think she created her own role,” added Camilla She wore the bracelet in a video recorded for the BBC.

Camilla always wears her engagement ring given to her by King Charles. Inspired by Art Deco, the five-carat emerald-cut diamond band belonged to Charles’ grandmother, Queen Elizabeth I.

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