Media ‘Veto’ Alejandro Fernandez; we tell you the reason

Media He vetoed coverage of Alejandro Fernandez’s concert In october parties In Guadalajara, Jalisco, that happened this Friday night.

press representative shared a statement In which he announced his refusal to cover the program.

Photo: Instagram (@alexoficial)

They said that “Disinterest” on the part of the Press Office And public relations with the Journalism Association inspired him to take this decision.

Similarly, he assured that the purpose of ignoring the presentation of Alejandro Fernández is “Invite Reflection” Press Office and by Singer.

As of now, there is no position from this side of ‘El Potrillo’ and he limited only to sharing photos of his concerts on social networks.

National and international media through their correspondents signed the statement.

(with information from Christian Granados)

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