Meet Ricky Martin’s Millionaire Mansion Where He Had a Secret Relationship with Eduardo Verastegui

From his beginnings in the artistic medium, the personal life of Ricky Martin It has been a mystery, as before declaring himself openly gay, the singer was a pair of several celebrities. But their most infamous romance came after Eduardo Verasteguiwith whom the Puerto Rican is said to have even taken him to live with him Millionaire Mansion In miamiproperty that bears witness to it confidential matter,

Before 2005, Ricky Martin owned one Millionaire Mansion is located in one of the most exclusive areas of miamibut before selling it he had a confidential matter Thief Eduardo Verastegui, The area of ​​this property is 8,967 square feet, which is distributed in a two-storey house with six bedrooms and six full bathrooms as well as a spacious living room.

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