Meet Rose Rocksavage, Prince William’s boyfriend Kate Middleton was unfaithful to

Many changes occurred with the coronation of King Carlos III, as a result of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and it is believed that in his new reign, he fired more than 100 workers who were in the service of the Emperor, including the Lord. Great Chamberlain, David Rocksavagewho accompanied the sovereign not only at official events, but also in disputes since his wife, Rose Hanbury was accused of Lover of Prince William being his unfaithful One Kate Middleton.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, rumors of infidelity resurfaced in the British royalty and it is that they even exterminated the Marquis David. Rocksavage with wife’s alleged infidelity Rose Hanbury with King Charles III’s son, WilliamA situation that not only baffled the press but Kate MiddletonPrince’s wife.

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