Meet Rossi Thalis Cruz, Thalia’s double who is all the rage on TikTok

TikTok is a social network that, as they say, “does everything”. And it’s that this Chinese-origin platform, where short videos are the main characters, has become the cradle of countless virals and characters that burst onto the scene and gained unexpected popularity. And it’s the latter that happened to Rossi Thalis Cruz, a Mexican woman who’s the perfect doppelganger. thalia,

in your account TIC Toc (@rossythaliscruz), Mexican from time to time shares videos in which she imitates Mexican singer and businessman thalia, She does this by taking phrases from various interviews that the interpreter of “Pil Morena” and “Arrasando” has provided in the media. And it’s not just the staging and the way she matches her lip movements that attracts attention, but also the physical resemblance and expressions on her face.

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