Meet the beautiful actress of Golden Cinema, who was brought from Cuba on the basis of deceit to be released into oblivion

There were many famous actresses who came from Cuba, most of whom were part of the film sub-genre known as “Cine de Rumberas”. gold cinema, But there was one among them who was deceived by her future husband and his career slowly faded due to this man’s actions. her name was carmen ignarraAlthough artistically it was known as carmita ignarra And was part of Swarna Cinema, popularly known as “”.The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema,

Shining actress during this “The Golden Age of Mexican CinemaCarmita Ignarra was born in Cienfuegos, a town on the island of Cuba, and lived a comfortable childhood, coming from an affluent family. At a very young age she showed interest in the arts, especially acting. Since she was a child According to her parents, she loved to sing, although without a doubt no one thought that she would make a great star gold cinema,

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