Meet Tulio Hernández, the last husband and great love of Silvia Pinal, who lost her memory

Sylvia Pinal She became one of the great figures of the Mexican Gold Film Era, her artistic career includes her participation in several films in which she shared cameras with other great actors of the time. The life of the actress has been involved in several controversies, one of which was related to tulio hernandezthat became theirs The last husband and his big love In the 80s.

After ending her relationship with Enrique Guzmán, Sylvia Pinal knowledge a tulio hernandez And they married in 1982, this marriage lasted for 13 years. Tulio headed the governor of Tlaxcala, which is why the actress from the golden film era came to serve as head of the DIF in the same state, she also became the first woman, so it was very common to see her at political events.

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