Mega-construction: Connecting Japan and Korea through a massive tunnel of over 200 km

The South Korea-Japan tunnel is a project that tries to Unite the two countries through submarine to expand ties and open a direct linkThus, the influence of the Asian continent prevails.

origin of the idea emerged in 1917 When the Kuniyaki Koiso (Japanese Army) extended Japan’s ties with the rest of Asia through an underwater tunnel, it was in 2008 for an integration process to provide services to the more than 20,000 people traveling daily between the two countries. Got importance.

Said submarine tunnel will generate logistical benefits, channel millions of tonnes of cargo and Busan (South of the Korean Peninsula) and Kyushu (Japan).

This will be the meeting of the Underwater Tunnel between the two countries.

Regarding its length, in 2018, The International Highway Foundation (IHF) indicated that it would be between 209 and 231 km, however, in September this year, the newspaper The Ashi Shimbun stated that Total connections 235 kms. Will happen And the project will cost about $71,000 million.

The project has the help of politicians, politicians and technicians; but unfortunately, Subsea tunnel infrastructure faces technical complexity And the financing challenge still needs to be resolved.

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