Meghan Markle and Prince Harry respond to rumors of official separation

loss Duke of Sussex, Meghan Markle And this Prince Harry, They have officially responded to the huge wave of rumors that exist at the moment and that they are both facing a divorce crisis, as a result of all the problems they have had with the British Royal Family, in particular with the British Royal Family. King Charles III and the father of Prestigious’s son Diana Princess of Wales.

After a huge wave of rumors which confirmed that dukes of sussex They were in the process of a possible divorce, and after seeing Prince Harry at a number of official functions in recent days without Meghan’s company, members of the royal family finally responded to these rumors and did so in the kindest way possible. .

Harry and Meghan have celebrated together thanksgiving day, A holiday that is celebrated year after year in the United States and is a very popular tradition in the region.

This means a lot to the couple, as one of the prince’s customs To trouble adopted from meghan markle It was a Thanksgiving Day celebration, which they now celebrate with their children, Archie why lillibet

Although the Duchess of Sussex has her own traditions for the day, the couple have incorporated new traditions from both America In form of United Kingdom From the birth of their little ones.

With this, the couple has finally made it clear that they are still together today despite all the problems that resulted from the great differences they had. British monarchy.

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