Meghan Markle Disappointed at Prince Harry by Falling for King Charles III’s Threats

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Now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will present a less controversial version of their memoir and documentary Prince Harry receives threats from King Charles III, Meghan Markle is disappointed with her husbandBecause the story won’t be told the way she wanted it to be.

The royal family can finally rest While they worried about what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might have to say in the projects they have after their release. However, the people who are not happy at all are the publishing houses and production companies with whom they have signed.

Meghan Markle wants the story to be told how she wants

After this it emerged that Prince Harry And Meghan Markle would release a memoir and a documentary that promised to tell the whole truth, King Charles III threatens to excommunicate his son and leave Archie and Lillibet without royal titles,

Apart from the fact that a possible reconciliation between the Duke of Sussex with the royal family would be almost impossible. that’s whyPrince Harry decided not to attack the new monarchs in his actionsBut Meghan Markle He is not happy with his decision at all.

“It’s nice to be able to hand our story to someone,” he revealed of the directorial that will lead his documentary. “Even if it means It may not be as we would have told”, Meghan Markle revealed after it emerged that Prince Harry had decided to delete and edit everything he had said about his family.

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