Meghan Markle speaks for the first time since the death of Queen Elizabeth II; it said

sudden death of Queen Isabel II Captured the eyes of the whole world on September 8 United KingdomWhile the royal family fled the limelight to avoid any sort of statement that didn’t come as releases through their social networks. publically, King Charles III It has been one of the royals that have expressed their feelings after the death of the emperor. added to this action Meghan Marklewho spoke for the first time after his death Sovereign, Said it.

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Meghan Markle speaks for the first time since the death of Queen Elizabeth II

in an interview with DiversityThe Duchess of Sussex spoke about Queen Isabel II, How does he feel after his death and how he coped with the whole duel together with Prince Harry. Afterwards, he assured that “we feel energized and excited about all the things we’re building.”

She added that Prince Harry is very optimistic and added that the Queen has “already met her husband”, the Prince of EdinburghWho passed away on April 9, 2021.

Meghan Markle talks about the death of Queen Elizabeth file archive

This is Meghan Markle’s opinion of Queen Elizabeth II

Meghan Markle revealed that he considers Queen Elizabeth II to be the “brightest example” of female leadership, and elaborated on how “beautiful” it is to see the legacy the monarchs lead United Kingdom For at least 7 decades he went to that area and all over the world.

Queen Elizabeth died on 8 September. file archive

This is what Meghan Markle feels after the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Duchess of Sussex declared that he feels a deep Thankfulness to be able to spend time with queen isabelle and meet him. He insisted that in this difficult time f. forreal ameliaShe reflected on her attitude and commitment to the Emperor and “how special she felt”.

“I am still proud that I have had good affection for the head of the family,” Sentenced.


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