Meghan Markle talks about the future she wants for Lilibet Diana

Duchess of Sussex and Paris Hilton Got together to make another chapter of the Archetypes podcast on Spotify. and this time they talked The stereotype of “stupid” in which they had fallen on several occasions because of their participation in certain television programs, Plus, Meghan Markle reveals to the public how she’d like him Lilibet is Diana Big.

Meghan Markle meets with Paris Hilton to talk about the stereotypes she’s fallen into

being honest about the jobs in which he felt most ‘objective’, Meghan Markle confesses to Paris Hilton what it was like working on the ‘Deal or No Deal’ show, assuring that he did not feel that he was valued for his intelligence; But only for its beauty.

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Meghan and Harry with their two children. Photo: Instagram

Meghan Markle talks about her work on ‘Deal or No Deal’

“There was a very simple idea of ​​how we should look right. It was just about beauty, and not necessarily about mind,” he says. Meghan, And he compares it to other jobs that took into account his training: “I also studied international relations at university and worked as an apprentice at the United States Embassy in Argentina in Buenos Aires. was considered particularly valuable. From my mind. Here, I was being valued for something quite the opposite,” Markle said.

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“I was grateful for the work, but not how it made me feel. And by the way, I was surrounded by smart women on that stage with me, but it didn’t care why we were there. I finished I’ll be walking with this hole in my stomach.” “Knowing that I was so much more than what I was objectified on stage. I didn’t like being forced to be all presence and small matter, and at the time That’s how I felt: being reduced to this specific archetype.” from Sussex.

Harry and Meghan Markle's daughter Lilibet Diana
Harry and Meghan Markle’s daughter Lilibet Diana. Photo: Instagram

This is what Meghan Markle wishes for Lillibet Diana

So now that she is financially independent and a mother, she wants her daughter, Lilibet DianaAspire to be an intelligent woman who is valued for her academic or professional achievements, not just her physical attractiveness.

“I want my Lily to be educated and want to be smart and be proud of those things,” he declared. Meghan and Paris Hilton,

lilibet, 1, is the first English royal to be born in the United States. And after the death of Queen Elizabeth, she is eighth in the line of succession to the British throne. At the moment, due to the departure of his parents from the British crown, he does not have any noble titles.

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