Meghan Markle’s favorite accessory at important events that sets her apart from Kate Middleton

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Meghan Markle’s style has become one of the most commented on, admired and criticized in recent years, especially since she married Prince Harry, the youngest son of Lady Di and King Carlos III.

The Duchess of Sussex has also been compared to her husband, the Princess of Wales’ sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. And although they are both amazingly beautiful, they have very different styles that shine incredibly.

The biggest difference between their styles

There’s one distinctive accessory that sets Markle and Middleton’s style apart and which many have seen during Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral ceremony in recent weeks.

Meghan Markle chooses hats with wavy lines, while Middleton prefers hats with straight lines.

Many have taken this distinction by comparing their ways of being, as Meghan Markle wants to “ripple” royalty and the rules of her protocol, while the Princess of Wales has been a completely straight and basically ideal wife.

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