‘Merlina’: Jenna Ortega Hates One of the Best Pop Songs Ever

No one can live without listening to music, but there are some artists you just can’t stand. Such is the case with Jenna Ortega of ‘Merlina’ and you can’t even guess what song it is.

The world is completely obsessed with the new Netflix and Tim Burton series based on the cartoon drawn by Charles Addams. in this new customization More We Can Learn About the Addams Family Merlin, previously played by Christina Ricci, but now it’s Jenna Ortega’s turn. young actress who has already participated in films X why scream (grita)She grew up surrounded by social media, but that doesn’t make her a fan of any song that goes viral on the internet.

within the series developed by Alfred Goff why miles miller We see Marilyn interacting with characters like Enid (Emma Myers) and Tyler (Hunter Doohan), members of the cast who, along with Ortega, attend an interview with slips of paper pulled from a glass vase, In which there were questions about anything. When it was Jenna’s turn to pick one out, the question was: What song is on your “don’t listen” list? To which he replied without hesitation that “Dance Monkey”.

actress of iron Man 3 He shared that he is not a big fan of pop music and when a song by Australian singer Tons Aur Me went viral a few years back, he heard it everywhere and that is why he got fed up. “If someone played that song in my house, they automatically earned me to play it”, Jenna doesn’t spare anyone when she doesn’t like something, so it seems she was born to play Marilyn and her other roles.

Others, Emma Expresses She Can’t Even Listen To The Song “Cover Me In Sunshine” pinkAnd the reason is the same as in Ortega’s answer. “Whenever I got in an Uber in Romania I used to listen to it. It was the only song they played on the radio. Sorry Pink, but it’s not because of you, it’s the number of times I’ve had to listen to it in Ubers.” Can you imagine Enid and Marilyn dancing to those songs and going viral on TikTok ?


Jenna Ortega can’t stand pop music

The second season is yet to be confirmed. Merlin, but if it does, we’re sure we won’t be hearing her sing or dance to any pop songs, much less “Dance Monkey.” In the meantime, creator they already have plans about the story What would they have to say if Netflix approves a second installment?, by the director of the eight chapters of the series batman why dark Shadows They are already available on streaming platforms. Tell us, what is that one song you can never stop listening to?

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